Perfectus Biomed: Microbiology Testing Services

We caught up with Dr Sam Westgate, CEO of Perfectus Biomed Group. Perfectus are leaders in standard and customized microbiology testing services for a variety of sectors, including infectious disease. Recently, Perfectus has worked closely with Dr Freya Harrison at the University of Warwick on the Ex-vivo Porcine Lung Tissue Model. This model provides scientists with a test method that utilises a biological substrate to mimic human lung tissue especially useful in the study and treatment of chronic lung infection, including Cystic Fibrosis.

Sam, can you tell us a little more about Perfectus Biomed Group?

Perfectus Biomed was incorporated as a CRO that specialised in offering leading expertise in infection models that incorporate bacteria grown within a biofilm. Over the last decade our offering has expanded. We still specialise in the design and development of customised microbial methods, but this is now supported by microbiology, cell biology, virology and molecular biology.

What services do you offer that are relevant for cystic fibrosis antimicrobial research?

When companies are developing novel products, we support them throughout their development journey from formulation screening through to GLP testing for regulatory submissions. We offer a range of in vitro studies relevant to cystic fibrosis antimicrobial product development ranging from high throughput biofilm screening methods through to our accredited ex vivo epithelial lung tissue model.

Can you tell us a little more about your collaboration with Dr Freya Harrison, and the Ex-vivo Porcine Lung Tissue Model.

At Perfectus we have a proven track record of taking complex biofilm models and putting them through a rigorous validation process so as to fully understand and validate the methods and achieve UKAS accreditation. Dr Freya Harrison developed an excellent tissue model, appropriate for screening antimicrobial formulations against mucoid biofilms formed on ex vivo lung tissue. A joint collaboration allowed us to fully validate this method and gain independent UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 standards. Ultimately this allowed us to offer a fully accredited ex vivo cystic fibrosis biofilm tissue model that can be used to de risk clinical studies and reduce in vivo testing.

How can the CF AMR community access your services?

Please feel free to contact us directly via, via our website or via phone on +44 1925 737 237. Our team of PhD scientists will be happy to discuss your project and microbiological models to suit your requirements.

What’s next for Perfectus Biomed Group and Cystic Fibrosis?

The role of biofilms within cystic fibrosis infections is becoming ever more recognised. There are many aspects of this ranging from the causative pathogen, understanding biofilm initiation and development and the treatment of persistent biofilm infections. Models that can mimic each of these stages and assess potential treatments are required in order to support the development of novel, effective treatments. It is critical that these models are proven to be applicable and reproducible. Our goal is to continue to develop appropriate methods and to use them to accelerate the research and development phase of novel Cystic Fibrosis biofilm treatments.  In short, we want to help in the development of effective treatments and products that reduce the symptoms of chronic infections.