Virtual Symposium on Diagnostics Meeting Report


CF AMR Syndicate Symposium:  Shaping the Future of Cystic Fibrosis Care

The CF AMR Syndicate recently organised a virtual symposium gathering people with lived experience of cystic fibrosis (CF) and other experts from clinics, academia, industry, and the CF community to address urgent needs in CF diagnostics.

The symposium centered on three main areas: enhancing exacerbation management, improving pathogen detection and identification, and advancing antimicrobial susceptibility testing. We discussed the challenges with current practices, future research directions, and potential opportunities.

Key takeaways from the event include:

1. The need to adapt clinical practice in line with the evolving CF population due to advancements like Highly Effective Modulator Therapy (HEMT), specifically reducing reliance on sputum samples.

2. The necessity for developing new diagnostic tests that provide better guidance for intervention strategies during infections and exacerbations.

3. The importance of collecting and storing CF-related biospecimens and associated metadata to support research and development effectively.

4. Prioritising a shift towards a more personalised approach to care, enabling greater patient involvement and shared decision-making.

5. The significance of interdisciplinary collaboration and incorporating the perspectives of individuals with lived experience of CF throughout diagnostic development.

Additionally, there is a growing momentum to transition healthcare from managing illness to maintaining health. This paradigm shift requires innovative methods to monitor changes in health metrics. The Cystic fibrosis community are already embracing this approach offering valuable insights applicable to other disease areas.

The symposium was part of a wider Syndicate project to develop diagnostic Target Product Profile (TPPs) for lung infections and exacerbations, with the final guidance document set to be published later this year.

You can explore the detailed report from the CF AMR Syndicates symposium below.