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Collaborative Discovery Programme

Funding Call for Projects

(Funding Call Closed 09/05/23)

We are looking to help create and advance an exciting and diverse pipeline of preclinical phase projects aimed at treating lung infections in people with Cystic Fibrosis. In 2023, we are launching a new programme, the Collaborative Discovery Programme. The first funding call associated with this programme is entitled: New Therapeutics to treat lung infections in CF. This £3 million GBP fund (provided by LifeArc) will support up to 5 early-stage drug discovery projects that seek to develop new therapeutics to treat lung infections in CF.

Unlike typical grant funding, we offer a truly collaborative approach to project development and delivery. Our intention is not just to fund but to add additional collaborative support and advice to enable the best chances of success for the project.


Our funding is open to researchers in academia and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. Projects will be milestone-driven and expected to last up to 2 years, with total project costs of up to £500,000 GBP.

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AMR Syndicate TPPs-03

A new funding call for antimicrobial innovators


· Opening Remarks and Introduction to the CF AMR Syndicate – Dr. Katy Kettleborough & Dr Paula Sommer

· Living with CF – A Personal Perspective – Angelo Micciche

· The need for new antimicrobials in CF & what good looks like – Target Product Profiles – Prof. Jane Davies

· The Collaborative Discovery Programme: Funding Call Overview – Dr. Neill Gingles & Dr. Ed McIver

· Interactive Q&A – CF AMR Syndicate Management Team

Our call is now live and open for submissions until 23:59 (BST) 9 May 2023

What we are looking for

We are seeking project proposals which have the potential to address the TPPs identified, in particular:

    • Antimicrobials focused on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections as 1) a maintenance therapy to suppress chronic respiratory infection or 2) treatment of acute pulmonary exacerbations linked to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.

    • Antimicrobials focused on Mycobacterium abscessus infections as 1) a maintenance therapy to suppress chronic respiratory infection or 2) treatment of acute pulmonary exacerbations linked to M.abscessus infection, or 3) eradication treatment. Also, in scope treatments targeting ‘fast-growing’ NTMs of the M.abscessus complex esp. those resistant to existing standard of care (Macrolides) and antimicrobials to Mycobacterium avium.

    • Antimicrobials focused on treating infections associated with other emerging pathogens associated with CF; Strenotrophomonas maltophilia, H.influenzae, B.cepacia (and related species such as B.cenocepacia, B. multivorans), Achromobacter spp. Pandoraea spp, Ralstonia spp, S. aureus. Treatments to fungal pathogens associated with chronic infections in CF (Aspergillus, Candida albicans) are also considered in scope.

The CF AMR Syndicate intend to fund projects which:
    • Are early-phase antimicrobial projects from hit validation through lead optimisation and early preclinical

    • Projects with a clear value proposition, clinical positioning, and identification/engagement of follow-on funding

    • Projects can be of varying modalities of intervention (e.g., small and large molecule, phage etc.), either direct-acting and otherwise (e.g., anti-virulence)

We are not looking for:
    • Projects focused solely on IND/CTA-enabling studies or clinical phase R&D

    • Target identification

    • Projects not directly focused on antimicrobial development (e.g., diagnostics, drug delivery, biomarkers)

Application Process

The expression of interest will open on our website on 30 March 2023, with shortlisted applicants invited to a workshop prior to full application by the end of June. Final funding decisions will be in September 2023, with an expectation of project initiation by the end of 2023. Key steps in the application process are summarised.


30 Mar​ – Expressions of Interest opens with webinar


9 May – Deadline for Expression of Interest


Early Jun – Selected applicants invited to full application


28 Jul – Deadline for full application


Early Oct – Funding decisions made (up to 5 projects)

Number 6

Oct-Dec – Full contract workup

AMR Syndicate News Archive-03

The call for expressions of interest is now closed.

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